[ALBUM] Jacquel – The Only One

Rising Hip-Hop artist Jacquel is ready to take the music business by storm. As an artist who takes rap music to new heights, he comes from humble beginnings growing up in the heart of Hip Hop known as Atlanta, Georgia. Bringing in a new energetic, fun rapping style to the forefront, he delivers an impressive debut project titled The Only One. Teaming up with heavy hitter DJ Cassius Cain for this release, has turned out to be a match made in heaven for Jacquel.
Jacquel got his start in the music business recording himself on FL Studio in 2020. Once he realized that creating music was second nature to him, he began rapping seriously discovering that music was more than just a hobby. He joined the choir and band during his teenage years furthering his passion for music and love for creating. Being in Atlanta he was able to see rappers become superstars within a blink of an eye and he knew he wanted to make his dreams a reality one day.

By having DJ Cassius Cain executive produce his project Jacquel knew he needed to be working with someone who knows the ins and out of this business. On The Only One, you will hear an array of lethal punchlines, memorable bars, and high energy beat tempos throughout. The Atlanta native does an excellent job of infusing his southern influence into his original sound, which creates a unique listening experience. From song to song, it becomes apparent why Jacquel is a star in the making. He is determined to show the world why he is “the only one” the world should be listening to this Spring and Summer.
He has what it takes to stamp his name in the Hip Hop game in a major way. Press play below to stream Jacquel’s debut project “The Only One” below.

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