Getting To Know Vic Money The Truth & G.I.A.N.N.A Project

1. How did you come up with your artist name?

Vic Money came about because Ive always been a hustler and addicted to money and success. Since young I always grinded to have my own Money nd achieve financial success like my father. When I lost it all I made a commitment to never be broke again and have been able to support people I love the most due to my success in Sales becoming a six figure earner. Being “The Truth” came to me in college realizing my lifestyle was leading me downhill and seeing the way the Media and Hip Hop was lacking more conscious, spiritual, inspirational and motivational elements, and having been inspired by artists like Talib Kweli, Africa Bambaataa, studying the original elements of Hip Hop, finding the most important being knowledge, I strive to be an MC that can keep Hip Hops true essence to uplift teach and inspire the youth. Which is why I created my company New Generation ENT with a direct intention to produce Art and Media that can spread positivity and enlighten the New Generation to have the right Morals and Values.

2. Tell me in detail about this project?

This project Gifted In Articulating Necessary Nourishing Art (G.I.A.N.N.A.), was created to display versatility in my music from the deep messages, to Vibin with a females, to Motivational bangers that can uplift anyone to go out and get The Money and achieve success. In my journey of life different producers came into my path from Cooliebambo, Highxlass from the Atl, Coachbasic, Aizbimusic all the way from the Ukraine, Benkasso also from the Atl, where I was able to get my favorite Types of Vibes and put them into the Project. Its an honor to work with all these different producers. My intention is to display how Gifted I am with my word play, Articulating Messages that are Nourishing and Necessary works of Art for the people.

3. How did you come up with the project name?

Gifted In Articulating Necessary Nourishing Art (G.I.A.N.N.A.) is an acronym named after my step daughter! After naming my last album after my new born baby Genesis last year it was a tribute to my step daughter who holds a very special place in my heart, and using her name to display my creativity turning it into an acronym which displays what my message is all about!

4. Where are you from?

I was originally Born in Brooklyn, New York raised in Ozone Park Queens where I spent my childhood. In 2001 my parents accomplished there dream moving us to the Sunny South Florida where I resided in Miramar, Florida from my teens to adulthood. I then lived in North Miami Florida as an adult for several years so Miami, Florida and Broward County has a very strong influence in my life but I never lost my New York roots. 718 to the 305

5. How did a feature with Sasha go hard come about?

I met Sasha Go Hard in South Beach when her and her sis where on Vacation. She was so genuine down to earth and we hit it off when we met,her and her fam were super dope I showed them my music and they gave me nothing but Love. Real recognize real we locked in on IG and when I saw how she had a special for a feature I had to jump on it right away. Little did I know how much of a Super Star she is, from being an Original Chitown Veteran working with Chief Keef and her recent hit with Twista, plus hit Theme song on Comedy Central’s Southside. Once I wrote the Song “Racks Up” I knew she was the perfect fit.

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