artistnameleon – “In Vain” (Single)

ATL-based rapper artistnameleon is back with his first single of 2022, titled “In Vain” and available now on all platforms! This single provides a look into the softer sides of rap and hip hop. A love story at its root, “In Vain” weaves melodic piano with deep bass and a slurry of open-close hi-hats chit-chatting in the background.

As artistnameleon himself recognizes within the song: We can’t stop digging the wave!

It doesn’t hurt that repeat listens offer hidden layers into the man behind the moniker. In fact, he’s never been afraid of experimentation. His 2021 EP Above And Beyond gained over 400k streams and earned the respects of The Ritz Herald, Stupid Dope, and more. This project combined artistnameleon’s low sonic range with fellow contemporary Reef Muny’s higher pitch, a call and response between the low and high ends of the vocal register.

The new “In Vain” carries this type of creativity into 2022. As artistnameleon says himself, “I’ma keep running this game, she thinking the same we changing the game yeah.” The more you listen, the more you connect and relate to this message. The rapper continues, “I heard they mentioned my name, the music to blame won’t leave it in vain.”

Which is exactly right!

Prepare to see more of artistnameleon and listen to “In Vain” on all platforms now.