DJ Kofi Talks New “Afro Space” Single While Celebrating 30 Years In Music Industry

International DJ and hitmaker DJ Kofi is the London creative spreading his influence all across the world. Coming fresh off the release of his new “Afro Space” single featuring D Lyfe & songbird Triece, Kofi is riding out the success of his international single celebrating 30 years in the music business.

I had the pleasure of chatting with him about his new single, being from London influencing the American music scene, and plans for the future. Dive into it below.


DJ Kofi Interview

from London finding success in America, why did you decide to stay in the UK?

Good question hahaha I ask myself that everyday. I’m a bit of a nomad to be honest and spent time in many different countries. I had a short stint living in NYC. Lets just say visiting or touring is very different from living. I would not rule out coming over to America to live, things just need to align first.

How would you best describe your production and djing style? 

I approach production on vibe and intuition.  I could be in the shower and hear something in my head or wake up at night with an idea. I make music of multiple genres. However I would describe “Afro Space” as Afro House meets Afro Futurism. 

I would say my DJ style is a multidisciplinary. One, I’m a student of the game. I started out as a Party Rocker and A Battle DJ, and had a period where I was doing a Mix Show on Radio to creating a show for the Gorillaz (Sound System) which combined production, remixing VJing Etc. Basically I adapt to the challenge, as I have enough experience to meet it. 

What occurred in your life that made you want to enter into the entertainment business?

It was a natural process. Starting from DJing young, I was studying to become an engineer. The natural path was in the music business as thats where all the doors were opening. So I also switched up my education path and did a Degree in music business. 

Talk a little bit about your new single Afro Space.

Afro Space is inspired by my interest in African mythology. The Dogon tribe have a ritual which mimics the orbit of planets we can not see with the naked eye. 

This made for a great concept of Ancient African Space Travellers, who come back to save melanated people in a challenging time on earth. So what you get sonically is the soundtrack to the concept. 

Is there a music video on the way?


Can we expect more singles from you and D Lyfe?

Yes we have a follow up track called “Cosmos” featuring Triece once again. 

What is one thing the world does not know about you?

I “do me” at all time, I am not a follower. 

Where do you see your career in the next five years?

I feel I have been pulled in an executive direction as over the last two years there have been two label deals with majors offers and also an international consultant position I was offered. I always want to create though.

Checkout DJ Kofi’s latest single “Afro Space” below featuring D Lyfe & Triece and checkout his latest Dj mix here.