Nigerian Afrobeat Rising Star Musmah Talks New Hotel Lafayette EP

Rising Nigerian Afro beat artist Musmah is at the top of his game musically following his latest release titled Hotel Lafayette. Serving up a full body of work in a sonically pleasing manner, this is by far his most impressive release to date. Within 5 songs you will hear Musmah infusing his Nigerian culture and New York influence, producing bop after bop in time for the summer.

I had the pleasure of catching up with Musmah for a quick conversation centered around his Hotel Lafayette EP release, moving to America from Nigeria and balancing creating music while being a college student. Check it out below.

Musmah Interview

Who is Musmah?

Musmah is a Nigerian alternative artist with a passion for creating and performing music. 

How did you get your start in the music business?

By just starting. Started recording music in my bedroom in high school which led to the release of my first EP years later in college. I just Kept trying and figuring things out ever since. 

What I was the inspiration behind your new Hotel Lafayette project ?

It connects to Hotel: Hamdala in the sense that Hotel: Hamdala represents my time in Nigeria before coming to America while Hotel: Lafayette represents my college years in buffalo, NY. 

Describe York journey to America from Nigeria and how has life been like since for you especially as a college student doing music currently?

Life has been eye-opening. You grow up quick over here.You see the glitz and glamour of America on TV but they don’t tell you about the mental fortitude needed to survive and remain true to yourself. As for my time as a college student, balancing music and other commitments has always been an issue. There’s never enough time and life always happens. That’s why it’s important to have true passion and a great team or you get overwhelmed and eventually lose focus. 

How would you hear describe your original sound?

Wavy!!! It’s hard to describe a feeling. My sound is progressive. All songs sound different. I guess it’s the emotion behind every song that makes it Musmah.

Who inspires you musically?

Location, Women & Experiences.

What does it feel like being named to the Source’s Artist to Watch list for 2021?

Feels great to be recognized on that level. Proof that the world is slowly accepting the different types of music coming out of Africa.

What can we expect next from Musmah?

More Music. More experimentation. More vibes.

Press play below to stream Musmah’s new Hotel Lafayette EP via Spotify.