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Thousand Times, Wiggi Music, Shane Hush – “Paper Planes”

Hailing from Charlotte, Thousand Times created a legacy as a production entity known for groundbreaking down barriers and creating a lane for the future of the region’s hip hop. And with Wiggi Music and Shane Hush, the three-headed sensation continues to make history with the new song, titled, “Paper Planes.”[…]

Lourdiz ft. Jon Z – “Ground Control”

Lourdiz, the buzzing new singer/songwriter/producer, follows previous hits “I’m Pissed” and “Suicide Down” with her biggest track yet in “Ground Control.” For her latest, the 18-year-old recruits the popular new bilingual recording artist Jon Z (“Go Loko”) to help bring out her full creativity. And with Jon Z, Lourdiz unveils[…]

Jay Guernon – “Me & Bae” Single

Up and coming artist Jay Guernon has officially released his new single titled “Me & Bae”. Having matured as a young black man and artist, this is the type of music needed during the pandemic. Jay does an excellent job of showing off a softer side to his music as[…]

Aisha Nicole – “Missed Out”

After drawing attention with her amazing voice, irresistible looks and hot song “Say Less.” Sensation new recording artist, Aisha Nicole, keeps the momentum going with another breakout hit in the new single called “Missed Out.” In the new visual, Aisha plays a new woman, fresh off a break-up, ready to[…]

Kahri 1k & Lex Luger – “Out The Way”

Kahri 1k is an excitingly unorthodox new artist making headlines with his gritty based on true story music and undeniable street fame. Today, the new sensation links up with platinum-selling superproducer Lex Luger (Jay Z, Rick Ross) for a catchy new hit, titled, “Out The Way.” In the Tim Rice-directed[…]

Franchise TYG Ft. Rory Fresco – Ice On Me Remix

Washington D.C. Franchise TYG joined forces with Kansas City artist Rory Fresco who received massive fame in 2016 from Soundcloud to remix the hit single and bring a new element to the track. Extensive and gaudy, both artists portray militant rap tactics in exuberantly expressing themselves on the track. Purists[…]

Young Onassis x TripiLz – Lethal Weapon Vol.1

Phoenix, Arizona recording artist, Young Onassis, has cruised to the top of the underground scene with his 2019 breakout hit, “Rolls Royce Umbrella.” At the peak of his popularity, the new artist makes his widespread arrival in the debut mixtape, inspiringly-titled, Lethal Weapon Vol.1. The seven-track debut includes assistance from[…]


A new visual presentation that delves deep into the mind and story-telling of the fresh new recording artist OnlyJahmez, as well as the futuristic flow and highly influential persona in today’s hip hop he is currently breaking out in. In the video, the Sloppy Vinyl act takes us on a[…]

Solemn – “Hometown”

Solemn, a compelling new rapper/producer act, has become one of the much-talked new artists with his refreshing sound, dramatic backstory and consistent hitmaking. After capturing fan’s hearts with the popular song, “Nowhere,” Solemn keeps fan’s in suspense with the release of his new single called “Hometown.” Solemn’s new song is[…]

June Popi – “Calvin Klein”

A Valch Vallav directorial. The new Oklahoma City rapper June Popi drops the audio-turned-visual presentation for “Calvin Klein.” In the dark visual, June Popi hits the block and things get bizarre. A solo cinematic feature, June displays an undeniable street persona that matches the mood of the music perfectly. Nothing[…]

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