You Need To Be “Rollin” With Judaea On Her Hot New Single

Rising songstress Judaea is an artist you need to know . Dropping off her new “Rollin” single, she has elevated her original sound to new  heights putting on for her hometown of Willingboro, New Jersey. Judaea serves up an impressive vocal performance partnered with memorable lyrics.

On “Rollin” you will hear the Jersey native harmonizing about having fun and just enjoying the company of your friends and boo, while basking in the moment with the drop top down. She does an excellent job of painting the picture of sun glistening off your skin, the fresh smell of summer & your hair blowing in the wind. When you are with someone that vibrates on the same level as you, you two become unstoppable & the night feels like an endless amount of possibilities.

Judaea is a force to be reckon with and will be a household name in no time. If you enjoy authentic, real vibes with a side of sexy, “Rollin” is the perfect song to get into. She got the assignment and executed.

Click here to stream Judaea’s new “Rollin” single and follow her on social media @judaeav. She is the next wave of female artists to break the mainstream mold. It is refreshing to hear raw talent still rising up in the music business with class and grace.



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