Reyna Von Chase – Crush On You (Single)

Artist Reyna Von Chase has a new single titled “Crush On You”out now. The upbeat love anthem with lyrics about falling in love with a man who is her crush highlights Reyna’s cheerful outlook. The song is available on multiple streaming platforms.

“Love is such a pure and wonderful feeling. While we all get our heart broken,
it’s nothing like falling in love with a person.” – Reyna Von Chase

A video for the track is also in the works. Previews feature Reyna in vividly distinct environments admiring her new found love. The artist continues to push her creativity and talent for expression. She reflects on the feeling of falling in love and how it brings joy, a theme that unites people and is something they can relate to.

Also, “Crush On You” has been placed on the Oh Yeah Its Lit Lit, Area 51, and Lit Lit Vibes by Cal Jamonit. Add in the new jams of the weeks playlist by Taylor Elajas and you got yourself an ascending single up the charts!


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