Cedric Brazle Releases New “Mixed Feelings” Material

Rising songbird Cedric Brazle, is having “Mixed Feelings” on his latest single. Hailing from Jacksonville, Florida this artist is putting on for his city in a very major way. This new release is proving that he has what it takes to create high quality music fitting for music lovers worldwide. In partnership with Emperium Entertainment of Miami, Florida, Brazle is on track to have a very successful 2020. 

As he released the audio version of his “Mixed Feelings” first, he quickly followed up with an incredible visual. Shot in a junkyard like scenery, director Gabe Sheffield does an excellent job of creating a visual that conveys Brazle’s raw artistic abilities. Produced by Twitch Massacre, the daunting beat creates a raw, emotional appeal when paired with Brazle’s strong vocals. Dressed to impress, he makes a statement as a rising R&B songbird from the south, looking to enter the mainstream music circuit with this release. His on camera charisma stands out as he straddles the line between heartache and lust.

Cedric Brazle is exactly what the music business needs. As he continues to take his career to the next level, “Mixed Feelings” serves as the lead single on his forthcoming EP. Tap in with Jacksonville’s finest, by streaming his new latest visual below. 

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