Nel Dinero Releases Fire New “The Dinero Era” EP


Nel Dinero Releases Fire New “The Dinero Era” EP

Rising rapper Nel Dinero recently released his new EP The Dinero Era. As he is one of the most promising rising stars coming out of New York, this release showcases his music like never before. Just like most New York based rappers, the Hip Hop influence he has over his life, pours out on each melody and bar.

On The Dinero Era you will hear the New York rapper showing the world why he is next up to . Within 10 tracks Dinero does an excellent job of creating an EP. One song that stands out the most on this release is a song titled “Took Me for Granted”. He tells a story of how so many people have taken him for granted but that did not deter him from achieving his goals in life. He does a great job of speaking his truth over a heavy hitting beat.

As he continues to shake up the music business his talent cannot be denied. Nel Dinero is up next to blow. To stream his  The Dinero Era Ep click here.

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