Keezah and Kayvo – Greigleaf 2 (LP)


Keezah and Kayvo – Greigleaf 2 (LP)

 The whisper rap prodigies of Seat Pleasant, Maryland of Keezah, and Kayvo showcase the struggles and tribulations of their upbringing in Greigleaf 2. Composed of nine tracks, the LP portrays the duo’s wide variety of reflective content, giving a backdrop on their lives. 

“I want fans to see the combination of the two sides of Seat Pleasant from us” – Keezah. 

Throughout the project, the trap drums balance out the gritty lyricism of the duo. They are thus creating balance and cohesiveness within the project.

“Acting has a follow up to the previous Greigleaf project; it shows the growth we had as men the past year. We are excited to use this as a building block for future success.” – Keezah and Kayvo

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