Stream: Iso Zah’s “The Iso EP III”

Charlotte rapper Iso Zah returns to the music scene with an impressive new EP titled The Iso Ep 3. Within three records he does a great job of creating a project reminiscent of his immense talent and steadfast energy. As this is his first major release of the year, he wanted to give his fans something they could vibe to and turn up to during this time in quarantine. On his latest EP, you will hear the Charlotte rapper spitting some of his most lethal and memorable bars. One record that stands out the most is a song by the name of “Outta They League”. His auto tuned vocals and deep lyrical prowess make for a unique listening experience. When you pair his vocals with the steadfast, booming beat, you’ll hear Iso getting busy on the track like a mad scientist. As he is known for rapping and singing, this release showcases his raw musical abilities like never before. One thing to note is that Iso is one of the hottest new acts coming out of the Carolina’s and will continue his rise to fame all year. With great music, a budding fanbase and superstar qualities, Iso Zah is on pace to have his most successful year yet. Tap in with him below by streaming his newest EP “The Iso EP 3”.

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