Mac Made Boys Serve Up Cuffin Season Tunes EP


Mac Made Boys Serve Up Cuffin Season Tunes EP

Up and coming St. Louis duo Mac Made Boys, has dropped off the official release of their new Cuffin Season Tunes EP. As the Mac Made Boys consist of blood brothers Kendrick and Alex, these men have strong family ties that pour out in their latest release.

Coming off the success of their “Play No Games” single, this pair has created an R&B masterpiece that will set them up to win all 2020. Within 7 tracks you will hear an array of instruments, vocal stylings and concrete lyrics as the brothers bounce of each other in a sonically pleasing way. One song that stand out the most on this release is a record titled “Too Many Nights”.

As it showcases the duo’s raw essence and sound, they remind listens that REAL R&B does still exist. Some notable lyrics include “baby let’s just take it slow, we got plenty time right now reminiscing on the nights I had to go tonight I’m all on you now”.

Coming from a musical family, MMB’s musical aspirations was sparked at an early age, having formed their first group by age 9. As a result Cuffin Season Tunes is more than just a project to these rising superstars.

Press play below to tap into the musical styling of the Mac Made Boys.

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