Not.Alone Drops Single “BANKbank”

Not.Alone is a collective set of musical brothers. The trio of Genre-splicing creatives from the DMV (D.C., Maryland, and Virginia), Consists of multi-instrumentalist Daeta, singer Marc Amour, and Rapper Nomad The Native who pulls inspiration from jazz, hip-hop, and soul music to create a musical chimera that moves as freely on stage as it does on wax.

Their latest single  “BANKbank” serves as a preview for their upcoming EP – “Direct Deposit” to be released later on in the fourth quarter. In the style of classic R&B/hip hop groups A Tribe Called Quest and The Internet, Not.Alone want listeners to groove to their melodies and feel good that the song is playing. It’s fast paced, lively, and smooth to vibe too. A good comparison to the track is a walk on a breezy summer day with a beautiful sunset. This is the exact feeling “BANKbank” intends to give listeners.

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