Ama’d Dazzles In Debut With “Just Ama’d”


Ama’d Dazzles In Debut With “Just Ama’d”

“Just Ama’d” is my first ever project to be released from me as a solo artist, I’ve had the honor of being a part of a few group/posse projects in the past to where they were released. But even within those collective/group efforts, I was still a solo artist. “Just Ama’d” for me is like my first child because of it being my first go around(But definitely not my last). The cover art for “Just Ama’d” was an idea that came from me, I found myself pondering about a possible cover for the EP and how I desired for the cover to show a statement(Before the music did). But it’s one of those things though to where I provide the listener and or viewer to come up with their own observation/interpretation of what the EP cover means to them and why. 

The “Just Ama’d” EP has a total of 4 songs. Why such a short EP do you ask? By this being my first project, I came into this body of work from a structural standpoint of knowing that I was striving to find a medium between providing the listener with as much as I can within the amount of songs that were listed onto the project. The 4 songs that were chosen for the project all are different not just sonically/musically, but also content wise. An array of topics are discussed/tackled in those 4 songs, yet alone a verse! “Just Ama’d” has a blend/mixture of substance, turn up, vibes, storytelling, and emotional depth.

All of the beats on the project were produced by E.TOnDaBeat. Nextly, mixed and mastered, and then finally recorded at his home studio. The process to record those 4 songs did not take long because the tracklist wasn’t decided until E.T and I had multiple songs that were enough to make a cohesive project. So there were definitely songs that did not make the project that are still in the stash. In conclusion, if I can describe the “Just Ama’d” EP in one word then I would say: “Growth”, pertaining to the beat selections, the flows that I used on every song, experimenting with my voice, and challenging my lyricism/songwriting abilities.

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