StayGoldenSwerve: Talks New Music, Name Change & Being From PA

Florida transplant StayGoldenSwerve is taking his career to new heights. Fresh off of the release of his “Overtime” single he is working on making a name for him hometown of Harrisburg, PA. His unique sound and diverse audience, separates him from the rest of the rising superstars. 

I had the pleasure of catching up with him for a quick interview. Check it out below.

BRITTANY: As you center a lot of attention on putting on for your city, how has Harrisburg, PA impacted your decision to pursue music?

SWERVE: Harrisburg, PA impacted my music by just knowing that there’s a lot of people that don’t know there purpose. I want to be the one to help shift my city for the better and make people realize they can be anything they want and have a bright future.

BRITTANY: Why did you change your rap name to “StayGoldenSwerve”? Why was this change necessary?

SWERVE: I changed my name because all the stuff I was going through! I just felt like there was a black storm over me and I am still walking with faith and knowing at the end of the storm, there is light. I love my name “StayGoldenSwerve” because it helps me remind myself to “Stay Golden”, and I believe StayGolden could help the mindset for people to keep moving forward.

BRITTANY: How would you best describe your sound and how are you going about perfecting it?

SWERVE: My sound is futuristic and reflective. My music gives listeners an in-dept look into my life, feelings, emotions, and desires in an incredibly intoxicating way.

BRITTANY: What was the inspiration behind your “Overtime” Record?

SWERVE: The inspiration behind “Overtime” was Dancehall, Reggae & Afro infusion. I love their culture and love how everyone can come together and dance with joy.

BRITTANY: Moving to Florida recently, how are you creating influence musically in a new environment with many different vast cultures?

SWERVE: The move to Florida is amazing! I love the fact that there is so much culture & great vibes. Also most people that hear my music out here honestly love it. There are so many incredible people here with great souls and great energy. 

BRITTANY: When can we expect a new full body of work from you?

SWERVE: I have a lot of new visuals on the way & just a lot of new content for the supporters.

Press play below to stream his latest single “Overtime”.

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