Jack Bruno – “Can’t Stop Lying” Visual


Jack Bruno – “Can’t Stop Lying” Visual

Rising LA rapper Jack Bruno has released a fire new video for his “Can’t Stop Lying” single. As this song appears on his recent Put Your Name On It (Winning Team Music) album, it is by far his best work to date. His infusion of Punk And hip hop create a unique sound like never before.

Directed by Logan Meis, Bruno will be seem is a trippy element as he spits some of his hardest bars. You will hear him rapping about getting to the money, while not being distracted by the ladies. Although he loves the ladies, it is clear that he does not want to be tied down while he’s paper chasing.

One element that stands out the most in this release, is the 90’s inspired theme. The bright colors, flashing lights and sexy ladies, is like a Hip Hop version of Wayne’s World. His insane swagger plays out in his fly appearance and creative word play.

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