[Video] Pusha T x 1800 Tequila – 1800 Seconds The Film & Album


[Video] Pusha T x 1800 Tequila – 1800 Seconds The Film & Album

What happens when a hip-hop heavyweight connects with a group of rising MCs looking to solidify their place in the game? 1800 Seconds is born, giving 10 artists the chance to record a track for an 1800-second album curated by Pusha-T. In this first-of-its-kind compilation, 1800 Tequila continues its celebration of music by enlisting a rap legend to discover new talent and deliver their best work to date.

Pusha-T is a relentless creator who demands greatness from his collaborators. So when he was given carte blanche to champion a new group of MCs, he sought out individuals with talent, authenticity and drive, then brought them into his world for a marathon seven-day studio session. The result is this groundbreaking compilation.

The album sessions went down at the iconic Westlake Studios, the onetime workspace of Michael Jackson, Aaliyah and Frank Ocean. There, the rising artists connected with Pusha-T for a crash course in craftsmanship, selecting beats, bouncing song ideas and refining their writing with one of rap’s greats. All the magic was captured on film.

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