[Mixtape] T-Bruin – The God MC


[Mixtape] T-Bruin – The God MC

T-Bruin – The God MC

Hip-Hop is at an incredibly strange place currently where there are two types of prominent fans. There are those who live by the die-hard, “boom-bap” sound and praise any ground that Logic, Cole, or K.Dot walk on. Then there are those who fiend for Lil Xan, Lil Skies, and Pollári who love the auto-tuned sound. It seems like almost everyone is on either on side of the fence or the other and they dismiss any common thoughts. Well, Decatur’s T-Bruin has found that happy medium with his new project The God MC. From start to finish, Bruin provides lyrical prowess and cadence’s that will impress both sides of the spectrum. Heartfelt songs like “Eastside Blues” and “Something Out Of Nothing” show

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