[INTERVIEW] Rich Homie Quan W/Vlad TV


[INTERVIEW] Rich Homie Quan W/Vlad TV

Rich Homie Quan sat down on the Vlad Couch to speak on his recent project Back to Basics and what he’s learned from the industry. The pair discuss DJ Vlad being one of Quan’s early supporters before “Some Type of Way” gained national success. The Atlanta rapper speaks on the current state of hip hop, and why he took a break because there was so much of the game, he didn’t know. “I was still trying to buy everything I ever wanted in my whole life…every pair of Jordans, all the chains. I just started investing in property, mane.” He talks about investing his money, buying property, and starting Black owned businesses.

Quan speaks on maturing, his fallout with Young Thug, and despite his past issues wishing Ralo nothing but success. He also addresses his recent felony charge and explains that he’s not facing 30 years, and more.

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